Yonghe Chinese Breakfast


It took several tries and four trips to Taipei before I finally got a seat in this super famous shack of a breakfast shop in the Ximen area just across East Dragon Hotel. In an earlier trip, I used to stay at Easy Stay Ximen just a few doors down and everyday there would be hordes of people lining-up for fried dough sticks, salty soya milk, traditional sandwiches and dumplings. With no English spoken, I was too timid to try. But today, there was no line (maybe coz it was close to 9 already) and there were vacant tables!


I also saw a picture menu and simly pointed to a chicken chop in a mantou bun! I grabbed a table by the sidewalk and settled-in which was just as well as people suddenly appeared and there was a line.


My freshly-made sandwich arrived piping hot. The mantou bun was pillow soft and the chicken chop tender.


Filling and cheap (NT60)! Good morning!

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2 thoughts on “Yonghe Chinese Breakfast

  1. TravelDevoted

    If you can, download Google Translate. It allows you to take a photo of a menu and translates it for you! It’s been a game changer for the wife and me.

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