Conquering Din Tai Fung

After my  successful conquest of the famed pepper buns at the Raohe market, I set my sites on another goal— dining at the original Din Tai Fung at Xinyi Road. I was frustrated during my three previous trips to Taipei due to the long lines. Sure, a branch has opened in Manila but one gotta have the original at its birthplace.

I arrived at 12:30 and surprise, there wasn’t much of a crowd.


According to the timer, there was only a 15-minute waiting time.


I took a number at the reception and waited. Alice, the girl who registered me was very nice and on hearing that I was from the PH mentioned there was a branch there already. She handed me a picture menu and an order slip in English.


My number appeared on the electronic board in ten minutes and I was told to go up to the second floor where I was led to a table. It was all so very efficient and quick.

I have not tried the Manila branch so I can’t compare. The food arrived quickly. The pork siolongbao was very delicate. I wish ordered 8 pieces instead of 5.

The noodles with minced pork was very tasty as it seemed to have chopped char-siu. I also liked the chewiness of the noodles, a sign of it being hand-made.

Wanting to try a different kind of steamed bun, I ordered the vegetable and pork bun which arrived steaming hot. The dough was soft and had just the right amount of thickness.

Just as enjoyable as my meal was the friendly and professional service. Everything was served with a smile.

When I left the restaurant, there was a large crowd outside already.

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