La Preciosa

La Preciosa is the other restaurant to go to for Ilokano dishes. The others are Saramsam and Herencia Garden Restaurant.

We arrived in time for lunch and was fortunate to immediately get a table for 7 at the ground floor annex.

The beef pinapaitan was good and had none of the scummy taste that usually accompanies the dish. The serving was a disappointment though. There was too much soup and too little meat. Makes you want to scream, “harang!”


The chicken kare-kare Ilokano arrived in bright orange. It was quite tasty but the color and the texture of the sauce makes it look like it came from a mix. Or did it?


The sinaglaw na tilapia was better. It didn’t try to be something it couldn’t be.


The dinardaraan had chunks of chicharron but it was quite bland.

The best dish that we had was the crunchy deep-fried pig intestines. It tasted clean and was very crisp.

For dessert, we tried 7 different cakes including their best-selling carrot cake which was covered in freshly-grated carrots. The buttercream icing was good but the cake itself lacked moisture and spice. It was almost bread-like. Fortunately, the icing was thick enough so it helps moisten the cake. Much better were the cheese cakes.

I wasn’t too happy with our meal at La Preciosa. Saramsam was better. I’ll probably just go to La Preciosa for dessert.

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