Leaving Tanjung Malim

What is it with leaving that makes you suddenly fond of a place you initially didn’t care about? After spending four days in this quiet university town, I’ve gotten used to the empty streets and forlorn blocks.

I’m gonna miss our home for the past four days.  If it’s any indication of how safe the town is, in the late afternoon, the young man on the reception goes home and an older man comes in late at night.  In between,  there is a sheet of paper asking guests to contact the numbers written. 

Then there is Fatin, our heaven-sent driver.  Yesterday, on our way back to the hotel after the conference (where I was the last presenter), the shuttle bus had been gone by then so the student staff called for a taxi. It turned-out to be Fatin, an UPSI music graduate who drives her own car. It’s the local version of Grab. Armed with her number, we got more adventurous as we now had someone to call for transport. We headed to Secret Recipe for lunch to celebrate my well-received presentation. We simply called Fatin again to come pick us up and bring us back to the hotel. This morning, she was promptly at our hotel by 11 to bring us to the train station.

Goodbye, Tanjung Malim.  I shall see you again in 2018 for the 3rd IMPAC conference.

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