Spa Splurge: Ziam Spa

I’m a sucker for massages and will get one everyday if I could.  Having gotten used to cheap massages from Php 150/hr (Banahaw Heals Spa) to Php 400/hr (Zennya Home Spa) indulging on a TH 500/hr (roughly Php 750) massage in Chiang Mai is quite a splurge considering I always have 2-hour sessions.  There are cheaper options (TH 300/hr) at Loi Kroh Rd where I’m staying but they only have female therapists.  I can go without fancy private rooms but I’m not comfortable with female therapists. Feels too weird.  The thing is, only more upmarket places have male therapists.

This morning while walking along Rachadammnoen Rd on the way to Wat Phra Singh, I stumbled on Ziam Spa.  A sign announced a 15% discount for TH 1000  packages availed before 11am.  It was just 10:30 am so I stepped in.  The reception was spotless and smelled good.  The male manager greeted me and explained the promo.  I was all set to avail but the male therapists only come in by 1 pm.  I made a 6pm booking instead.  To make-up for it (not that I was disappointed), I was given a 10% discount!  How cool is that. Paid the TH 200 reservation deposit and left.

I was back at the spa by 5:30pm.  While it was still half an hour before my appointment,   everything was ready.  I was ushered in a spacious room where my feet was immersed in a wooden bowl.filled with water and petals.   My therapist, a spectacled young man, scrubbed my feet and gave a short foot reflex as he wiped them.  Nice touch. I also filled-up a form asking about any medical conditions and my massage pressure preferences.  There was even a drawing where you circled the parts you wanted to focus on and crossed-out ones you didn’t want to be touched.  

I was then led to a private room on the second floor.  I was surprised how large it was.  Showered and waited for my therapist.


My massage was really good. It started with strong pressure points with the therapist even stepping on the back of my legs and thighs.  It felt so good as I could feel my muscles relaxing.  The strokes were strong (lower body) and soft (back) as requested.  Unlike the one I had the other day at Chaya, there was no stretching. 

Back at the reception, I was served ginger tea in a cute tray that came with a wet hand towel.

Got my cash deposit back as I used my credit card to pay for the massage.  Gave it as a tip to my masseur. 

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