Wat Phra Singh: Old Walls and Modern Toilets

At the end of Randammnoen Rd is Wat Phra Singh  one of the most important temples in the old town. 

Saw these people making offerings and getting blessed by a monk.

Why not drop a few coins in the alms bowls of these three novices?  Maybe the one on the right needs fund for eye glasses.

Real or not?

It’s the wat to go if you want to see centuries-old wall paintings inside these little structures.

Oh my! Someone just heard these two ladies gossiping about her.


​Hmmm… these two guys faces seem too close to each other.

Outside is a huge golden stuppa where locals walk around with offerings to make merit.

Food and souvenir stalls had been set-up at the grounds and that’s where I had my first som tam (papaya salad) (TH 40) for this trip. 

Took a seat at one of the bamboo tables under large Ban So umbrellas.

Time to go to the toilet.  Temples usually have clean modern toilets as many tourists go there. Wat Phra Singh’s was exceptional however.  It looked like a mall toilet. Rows and rows of urinals and toilet stalls equipped with toilet rolls and a bidet faucet. 

In between piped-in music,  a speaker blurted out, “Hello.  You are at an international level toilet . . . ” Just to prove how serious that claim is, there’s a board full of plaques.

You need to leave your shoes on shelves by the entrance and wear rubber slippers provided.  There’s no toilet fee but the voice-over reminds you to make a donation.  After all, international level toilets need their maintenance.

If you’re in the area and you need to poop badly, you know where to go.  As soon as you enter, turn left on the rows of structures on the side of the complex.  

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