First Day of the Year and I’m Doing My Laundry

I woke-up at 9am and light rain was falling on Chiang Mai.  I remember back home in Manila, there was usually a light shower on the first day of the year.  Could it be all that smoke from the fireworks?   In the case of Chiang Mai, all that lanterns?  Anyway, in Manila it was a welcome respite as it cleaned the smoggy air.  Here in Chiang Mai where it isn’t smoggy (there were very little fireworks), it was coooolllldddd.  Brrrr.

Decided against going to Lanna Music House and stayed put instead to do a week’s worth of laundry.

The hotel had a 24-hour laundry on site so I took my smelly clothes and stuffed them into one of the washing machines. Next, where to put the detergent.  Fortunately, one of the Thai girls who came back to check in their laundry saw me looking perplexed so she offered to operate the machine for me. Khapun kha!

Loading the dryer was easier.  I just didn’t realize it would take that long to dry about 3kg worth of clothes.

Cost of the use of the washing machine (7kg load) including detergent was TH 30 for 30 minutes.  The dryer was at TH 10/10 minutes.  Took about 50 minutes.  Saw some laundry shops on the road by the Le Meridien at TH 30/kg while those at the soi of Loi Kroh were at TH40/kg.  There’s also a coin-operated laundry about a hundred meters from Thapae.

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