Rainy Day in Chiang Mai: Brunch at The Garden, Another Massage, Sunday Market

After doing the laundry (see my other post), I headed to The Garden, an 8-minute walk from the hotel and highly recommended at Trip Advisor.  The rain shower hadn’t ceased yet so walking generated a little heat as it was quite cold.

The Garden That’s Really a Patio

Well, if you’re thinking of a garden with lots of plants and outdoor seating, The Garden was really someone’s (the owner’s) patio surrounded by potted house plants and next to a garage.  In fact, I was seated a few steps from a parked vehicle and moto.

In spite of this, the checkered cloth covered tables and wooden benches and the overall homey feel of the place still managed to make it cozy.

I ordered toast, omelette, sausage, pan-fried potatoes with onion, and coffee.   Food was good, servings quite big, and the coffee was served with steamed milk.  Big big plus.  Breakfast also came with a small glass of orange juice.  Everything was just perfect! 

 It was such a quiet enjoyable breakfast until a not so elderly man came from the house, sat at a garden chair by the moto, and started watching tv on his gadget.  In a single instance, my tranquil morning ended.  Such a pity because I could have sat there the entire morning drinking coffee.  Just rested for a few minutes then paid my bill and left.
Headed to the old town and followed the sound of music instruments playing to Wat Phan Po where a children’s group was playing.

Took a Grab car to Chaya Spa for my 5pm appointment (Uber was at 1.7 surge rate) and was fetched by a guy with his wife and baby girl in a Honda CRV. Had another 2-hour hot oil massage.  The masseur wasn’t as good as my previous one, though.  The rain showers were still falling when I came out of the spa and took anothet Grab to Thae Phae Gate.

Walking (while trying not to step on another person) at the Sunday Walking Market

The length of Ratchadamnoen was packed.  The rain showers were probably falling without hitting the ground.  It was almost impossible to see the goods on the opposite side of the street.  Ducked into a wat where street food vendors had set-up. Ate this crab dumpling.

I wanted to eat some more but the place was crowded.  Headed to Wat Phan Po to eat some more.  The children were still performing.  Got some sausages and fried pork.  How to eat them at outdoor seating without getting wet?

Bought all of my gifts at the night market.  Everything was cheaper here.  I suddenly felt cheated after comparing the prices of some stuff I bought at the day market at Wat Phra Singh a couple of days ago.  Also noticed the discrepancies in prices between stalls.  The bookmarks were at TH 10/piece and TH 100/12 pcs while another stall had them at TH 30/piece and TH 100/4 pcs!  The fruit-shaped soaps were TH 39/pc at stalls closer to Tha Phae compared to TH 79 at stalls further down the road.  It was food that generally had the same prices.

The stalls started dismantling past 10pm as the crowd was thinning out already.  

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