Wat a Day

Stayed put at my hotel room today to work on some new choreographies for my Z Step class.  Gotta ease myself slowly back to reality.  Headed out to the old town for lunch and made a beeline for Kejana and look what I found—- empty tables!

My attempt for dinner a day ago was in vain as all tables were taken and it would take at least 30 mins for take-out.  

The pork sausage with egg was delicious. Glass noodles stir-fried with chunks of pork sausage.  Quickly jotted down my guess for the recipe.  Ate it with some pork cracklings I brought with me.​

It was filling and by the time the curry roast pork came in, I knew it would take some time to finish the substantial serving plus a cup of red rice. 

Make that a star of red rice.

Prices were higher than usual but judging from what I ate, it justified the price.  The small resto is run by a mom and her daughter and it’s really popular. Total bill including a small bottle of Coke was TH 270, the most expensive meal I’ve had in this trip so more.

With such a heavy meal, I decided to walk to Wat Loko Molee outside the old city near Champuak.  On the way, I discovered a lovely quiet wat, Wat Monthien.  Actually, I needed to go to the toilet and I know that  if there’s a wat, there are toilets.

Might as well check out the temple.

It was cool and quiet inside.

So cool that these soft sofas invited me to sit . . .

and stare at the vibrant red ceiling.

Spent about 20 minutes inside enjoying the emptiness.  

The door beckoned and I had to go.

Back into the heat of the day.  Crossed this lovely bridge to Wat Loko Molee.

This centuries-old wat is known for its beautiful wooden temple. I loved the  very graceful roofs.

There were more people here praying and making offerings.  Still quiet though.

Novice monks by the entrance.

Quite a bit of walk to the center of the old town.  Found this sweet cafe called   Coffee Corner Kitchen for   some coffee and to while away the time. 

As always, ended the day with a massage at Chaya Spa but instead of the usual 2-hour hot oil massage, got a 1.5 hour aromatherapy massage followed by 30 minutes of Thai Herbal Compress.  I’m gonna miss this place and the friendly owner.

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