Warorot Market

Followed Google Maps to get to Warorot market from the hotel through some delightful soi and discovered yet again quaint guesthouses and coffee shops.

Toom just 15 minutes which I hardly noticed.  The cloudy day made for a pleasant stroll.

Zoomed in on the dry goods section to buy ingredients to bring home and found this wonderful stall with an equally wonderful owner.

All the dried herbs needed to recreate that Tom Yum at cooking class were there.  I wanted to shout, “Glorious galangal when I saw a big bag on the shelf.

Bought some curry pastes too for those days when I wouldn’t want to bring out the mortar and pestle.

How about some mushrooms?  Nah.  We have those back home in the Philippines.

Also bought some chili jam (at least that’s what Chef Pon called it at cooking class) for the prawn salad.

And a bag of fried worms.

Hungry?  Street stalls of sausages, fried pork, and other fried stuff abound.  Bought a TH 50 sausage (price is based on weight which is based on the size you want) and a slab of crisp fried pork (TH 100).  

Thai desserts.

Tip:  Unless you head to the food courts at the top or basement floors, there’s no place to eat your bagged goodies.  Don’t follow me and eat standing by the road.  I discovered it too late but you can eat at the side room of this temple across the street.  There’s free clean toilet, too.  You’re welcome!

After “lunch,” next stop were these stalls selling everything you need to set-up a shrine or a temple.

Don’t know if they’re play dolls or for some religious purpose.

You can even buy them a change of clothes.

There are many other interesting shops in the market’s environs which make for good shopping.  Bought a nice shirt from Nepal (according to the label) for TH 380. About 5 minutes away along the main road is a warren of stalls of all things tribal from traditional clothing, bags, accessories, textiles, and other souvenirs.  Really cheap.

These earrings  according to my sister who asked me to buy them are all the rage now and were just recently featured in the papers.  TH 100 each.  Bought 5 and was given a TH 50 discount off my total bill. 

At the back is a short lane called H’mong Lane where I bought indigo textiles for TH 250 per cut of about 1.5 meters.  

I really enjoyed shopping at the market and the nearby shops.  Maybe because I went mid-morning it wasn’t very crowded.  Prices are really cheaper than what you will find at the more tourist-oriented night markets.  Vendors weren’t pushy too.

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