Solo in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a place that grows on you.  Spent 10 nights here and I could have stayed for more.  For a solo traveller who is not very sociable nor into group tours, that’s saying a lot. After all, what can you do alone?


I took a 3-day cooking course (just 5 of us in a class) at   Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School  and had a great time with my classmates while discovering the secrets of Thai cuisine with a fun instructor named Pon. 

Visited beautiful temples and enjoyed some quiet moments,

colorful sights,


​and local culture.

I did book a taxi for a day to see the usual elephant shows (big mistake) and hill tribe people (enjoyable).  

I even got to listen to a sample of traditional Lahu music.

Though I did not get to experience the Flight of the Gibbons, I got to pet one.

I spent most of my time at the old town where there were loads of things to do perfect for a solitary traveler.  Like learning about Lanna culture at the Lanna Folk Life Museum and taking my sweet time moving from gallery to gallery.

Resting my feet while getting some quiet time at nice quaint cafes where servers are always smiling.

Spent a morning with  a musician in his shop and tried to play the pinpia.  

Speaking of music, caught this performance at Thapae gate on the last night of a travel and wellness expo.  Entertained me for an hour or so.

I took plenty of long walks and in doing so unearthed Chiang Mai’s hidden charms.

Temples oblivious to the tourist crowd.

Hidden cafes.

Leafy lanes.

and snippets of local life.

New Year’s Eve was spent with the monks (and hundreds of other people).  Magical and solemn.  Unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Spent a couple of hours shopping at night market and the Warorot Market.

My favorite indulgence — 2-hour massages at a spa.  Went 4 times. 

Of course, I ate and ate my favorite Chiang Mai sausages.

Lots of sausages and other delicious bits off street stalls.

Chiang Mai has many experiences to offer.  For solo travellers, particularly those looking for quiet moments, Chiang Mai has lots to give.

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