Joy Ride at the Chao Phraya

I never fail to get in one if those express boats that ply the Chao Phraya whenever I’m in Bangkok.

It’s not the sights but just the feel of being in a commuter boat—people getting on and off, the bump when the boat steers on to the pier, and the voice of the female ticket seller.  Plus of course, the splash of river water on the side of the boat occassionally spraying passengers at “window” side and the general feel of being on water rather than on land.

So this afternoon after resting a bit at the hotel coming back from Chatuchak, I caught an orange flag express boat to Nonthanburi, its terminus.  The thing is, when we reached Pra Athit, the driver announced that it was the last stop and we were turning back.  I guess because everyone got off the boat except a middle-aged couple and a white guy who looked kinda pissed when told it was not proceeding further.  Like the couple, I told the driver I was going back and would just pay the TH 14 again.  Not many people got on the boat so it was kinda empty.

The boat quickly filled at Tha Chang as that’s the pier for the Grand Palace which is filled with so many people these days;  not just tourists but Thais in black paying respect to the departed king.  See this pic taken yesterday at the palace’s entrance.

Back at Sathorn pier, I just decided to head to the BTS and spend the rest of the day in Siam.

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