Back in Yangon

Yey!  I’m back in Yangon for the 2nd time (the first one was in 2015)!  Traveling this time  with four other people — my eldest sister and aunt and two colleagues from the university.

Last year, at a conference in Malaysia: 

 “Are you going to ____ next year?” 


“In Yangon.”  

“Yes!”  (Turning to my sister and aunt who joins me af conferences, “We’re going to Yangon next year!”)

So after a sleepless night at Suvarnabhumi spent in transit at the departure area after arriving from Manila  for the connecting flight to Yangon in the morning, we’re finally here!  Never mind the traffic-clogged streets and the hot dry weather, it’s good to be back.

Checked in at Crystal Palace Hotel and proceeded to the buffet breakfast still laid out at the tables at past 10 in the morning.  Food was cold but quite good— baked beans, scrambled eggs, sausages, and a variety of Burmese snack food.  Anything after airline food is bound to be good anyway.  

Spent the next couple of hours just resting at the hotel.  Really snagged a good deal at this place.  Clean comfortable rooms with nice beds, buffet breakfast, really friendly staff for just USD 100 per person for 7 nights!  It’s away from the downtown area though but near the the conference venue.

Headed to the Bogyoke Aung San Market later in the afternoon to window shop.  It was the first time for the others and they wanted to check out the prices first.  Went to Yoyomay, the Chin store where I bought some music instruments before. Many beautiful stuff but expensive.

Next stop was the Shwegadon Paya.  It still is a majestic site to behold even after seeing it the second time.

Women power.  No we know how they keep the floor clean. 

We didn’t wait for the sunset anymore as we were all hungry. Headed to Feel for dinner where outdoor stalls and tables had been set-up.  

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