999 Shan Noodle Soup

Each time I’m in Myanmar, I always head to a Shan eatery.  While there are a variety of establishments to choose from in Mandalay, the same cannot be said in Yangon, at least to my experience.  Along comes 999 Shan Noodle Shop. Highlighted in my Lonely Planet guidebook and saved in my Trip Advisor mobile app, I never got to try it in my previous trip to Yangon.  This afternoon, I almost didn’t get to try it again as the driver we hired got his directions wrong and the LP map wasn’t quite right. Fortunately, we got to the right part of 34th street and saw the huge sign.

The place was quite full but we were quickly ushered to a table by the stairs to the second floor.  

The Shan Noodle with Oil was so tasty. The noodles had the smooth chewy texture reminiscent of Chinese hand-pulled noodles which I really love.  The pork  and  “oil” toppings were just right. Tita Cel’s Fried Noodles had a very rich eggy taste while Rhoda’s flat noodles was made more savoury with the addition of beans.  

What really won the palate was the Yellow Rice with Tomato.  It was a very unusual dish but really really good.

We really enjoyed our lunch at this place.  Service was quick and very friendly.  It’s a small place but the noodles we had were really big in flavor.  A few feet down the road is 999 Shan Cuisine which had a counter of pre-cooked food.  Not sure if it’s related to the noodle shop though.

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