The Yangon Circular Train

We took the Yangon circular train this morning for an experience apart from the usual. We decided to do the trip today so there wouldn’t be a crowd.   We arrived at the Yangon Railway Station around 9:45 on board a taxi.  I had forgotten to bring a bottle of water but surprise! Surprise!  The friendly driver gave us bottles of water, free!!!   Arriving at the station is like stepping back into time.  It is a magnificent piece of colonial architecture with its high ceilings, columns, and arches. 

The people lounging around at the lobby floor simply added to the old world atmosphere.

We entered the station and headed up the stairs, across, and down to platform 7.  It was easy to find as there were signs.

Since the train was coming in a few minutes, a guy from the ticket office quickly gave us tickets so we didn’t have to line-up.  The roundtrip ticket only cost 200 kyat, a far cry from the 1,000 kyat charged to foreigners before.  

The train arrived at 10:10 as scheduled and discharged passengers.  Being a holiday, there weren’t too many people. 

The carriage was quite hot due to the summer heat but not uncomfortable hot.  I can just imagine how it is on regular days when it would be quite packed.

The train was quite slow and made many stops.  There really is nothing much to see as it winds along the outskirts of the city.  In fact, you see much garbage and shanties. As a commuter train, people get on and off at each station.  

The real treasure is in being with the friendly locals.

We didn’t have time to take the entire 3 hour route so we jumped train after about 30 minutes and took a taxi to our next destination.

It was an interesting experience to just sit and people watch.  If you can spare a few hours, it’s highly recommended.

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