Taipei Airport MRT

Taipei finally has its own airport MRT!  Pleasantly surprised to find out that the line finally opened just Feb 2 with a 1 month free trial.  Arriving in Taipei, I took the usual Kuo Kuang airport bus to Taipei Main Station as it was just 7am and I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the city.  Heading to the airport, I took the MRT as it had an in-town check in.

On the advise of Esther, the super- friendly and helpful front desk staff at Holiday Fun, it was better to alight from the Beimen MRT coming from Ximen as it was a shorter walk to comnect to the airport MRT rather than from Taipei Main Station.

At Beimen, simply follow the signs that lead you to wide airconditioned corridors.

At the station, you can check-in if you’re taking a China Airlines or Eva Air flight. 

There are also self-service kiosk to check-in or print your boarding pass.

I had already checked-in online, hence I just dropped my luggage at the self-service area.  The service is really cool!  

You put your luggage on the compartment and scan your boarding pass (I had an e-pass on my phone).

Print the luggage tag and attach to your luggage.

Go to the monitors and make sure you see your luggage go through the x-ray.

That’s my luggage on the left monitor. 

You’re all set!  So convenient!  

I had an Easy Card so I simply added NT 100 to its existing balance to pay for the NT 160 Express to Terminal 2.  

Here are the stops.

If you’re doing an in-town check-in, take note that you need to check-in at least 3 hours before your flight.  Here are the guidelines.

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