Breakfast at Ximen

I’ve been back from Taipei for almost a week now and I already miss my usual Taiwanese breakfast chow. Oatmeal, even with peanut butter, just doesn’t compare.  

One lives for Taiwanese breakfasts (well…aside from the night markets). They’re tasty and cheap and you can find them everywhere including Ximending,  my favorite area to stay whenever I’m in Taipei because of its energy.  While the rest of the establishments are still asleep (except for a few cinemas), the hawker stalls  are all awake and alive.  

You can always brave the lines at nearby Fu Hang Dou Jiang (and you should, at least once because aside from the good eats you are well… a tourist.. and that’s what tourists do.. eat at rated places) but if you want a little more variety, head to this section of Ximending.  These stalls have never failed me in all those times I was in Taipei.

Have you had enough of xiao long bao? Then try these two stalls that sell pan-fried dumplings for a different experience.  There are round ones . . .

and long ones!

I really can’t say which I like more as they both have different flavors and textures.  Why stress yourself out?  Have both!  Douse them with soy sauce and some chili!  Really really good!

For something heavier, there are stalls that dish out Taiwanese “pancakes” which you can have plain or with egg, bacon, ham, pork fillet, and other stuff.

Want some rice?

Obviously, you have to go to one of the steel benches around the area to enjoy your breakfast.  Bring some baby wipes too to clean your sticky hands.  There are 7-11s where you can get a drink and some good coffee.  


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