Writing in Sagada: Day of Nothingness

I finally got to check-in at my room at Kanip-aw and just as Ate Eppie had promised, it had a terrace.  It was at the lower level of the lodge, though,  which meant going down two flights of outdoor stairs and up a short one.  I didn’t mind as I had gorgeous views of Echo Valley plus I would need the exercise (yes, I promised I would not gain weight on this trip).

They would have given me a bigger room but as I told them I needed some quiet, they opted for this one as there was some re-tiling going on at the building where the room was.  I was happy with the room they way it was.  

Had lunch at this small place which had pre-cooked food.  The pork binagoongan was nothing to crow about as the meat was quite stringy and lacked the saltiness of the bagoong.  At Php 110 plus a cup of red rice, it wasn’t good value.  The sisig the others were having looked more promising.

Spent the rest of the afternoon just lazing around in my room enjoying the cool weather and quiet until a group of tourists came into what I assumed was the common area at the lower level and their noise wafted into my room.  It wasn’t really bothersome as they weren’t boisterous.  More distracting was what seemed to be videoke coming from somewhere.  Thankfully, it didn’t last long.  I did see a videoke at the lobby of Sagada Igorot Inn as I passed by it.  Made me thank the heavens I didn’t book there.

Went out close to 6pm for early dinner.  Checked out the menu of Sagada Lemon Pie House and only saw Chicken Adobo, Pork Adobo, and Fried Chicken listed apart from the breakfast.  There were tins of the much talked-about lemon pie, though. Headed up the road and decided on Sagada Brew mainly because I saw the pastry counter. I ordered the Sagada Brew Pasta which was a heaping plate of penne smothered in a rich tangy tomato sauce with etag (a local salted pork delicacy).  

Expecting quite a wait, I also ordered the Salted Caramel Banana Cake.  The cake was more of a dense loaf smothered in syrup and cream and topped with bananas.  I was surprised at the price tag of Php 150, the same as my pasta.  Well, flour does take longer to rise in higher altitudes.  It was good, though.

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