Writing in Sagada: It Begins

I woke-up at around 4.30 in the morning to all the noise the family staying at the rooms at the next building was making.  Why can’t people be more considerate?  Managed to get back to sleep and woke-up at a little past 6.  Still too early for breakfast so I decided to do some squats but then realized the time would be much better spent choreographing a warm-up for my Zumba Step (Yep!  My other life is at Zumba).  Jotted it down on my S Note before heading to Sagada Lemon Pie House for a breakfast set of onion and cheese omelette, fried rice, and longganisa (Php 100) plus a slice of lemon pie (Php 30) and a cup of coffee (Php 30).  The breakfast set was good though the longganisa could have been bigger.  The lemon pie was so-so.  Not lemony nor tarty at all.  In my taste buds, I had the lemon bars of Purple Oven as benchmark for all things lemony.

Savored the silence and the rustic feel of the place before a young couple with an over-active child and a hippie couple came bustling.  I could have stayed at my own corner of the world forever especially as after the others had left, I was alone again.

Checked my email when I got back at the lodge and saw Dr. KB’s email with my 3 questions!  Since the sun was shining, I decided to do 2 pieces of laundry before hunkering down to work with the most tedious question, one that asked for a brief thesis proposal.  1, 230 words, I decided to have some lunch.  The rain had stopped by then and I was hungry.  The safe choice was Sagada Brew where I ordered the Chicken Roulade (Php 200).  It came with a salad, a cup of local rice, and a brownie.  All good!  

Back to work finishing 2,500 plus words at close to 7.  By this time, a group of noisy girls and gays had moved in the room occupied by the noisy family previously (perhaps it’s where noisy guests are placed).  Just to have a respite from the girls’ yakking (the gays had gone out ), I decided to head out for dinner instead of staying-in with my stash of bananas and oranges.  Headed to Sagada Hub but it’s Pinoy menu didn’t appeal to me.  Back to Sagada Brew where I had a yummy and hefty sausage and bacon sandwhich on home made wheat bread (Php 150).  Sorry, forgot to take a picture.  Three times of eating here and I have yet to be disappointed.  

Back to my room and the noisy girls are still at it.  Oh well.

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