Writing in Sagada: A Gloomy Day To Write

I woke up at past 6 in the morning to sleet grey skies.  I was hoping for some sunshine but it seems it’s gonna be a rainy day today. Unlike yesterday, it was quiet when I woke up.   Worked on my Z Step warm-up then headed to Sagada Lemon Pie House at 7 only to find out that the cook hadn’t reported for work today.  Headed up the road towards Yogurt House but turned back as the drizzle intensified.  Went to Happy House close to my lodge which I have been seeing empty the past days except for  last night when a group was there.  Ordered their breakfast set (Php 100) of hotdog, longganisa, fried egg and rice.  It did its job of filling me but the rice was of the white variety and served cold.  They didn’t have drinking water too as it hadn’t been delivered. 

Back to my room to work on Question #2.  Still quiet.  Perhaps my neighbors are sleeping-in today?  Stopped writing at 1,100 words at 12:30 and headed up the road to Salt &Pepper for some dinakiw (grilled pork).  My food came in less than 10 minutes after.   Serving was generous and it came with a salad (Php 170).  The dinakiw could have been salted better.

 Their Walnut Peanut Butter cake (Php 70) was quite good, taste wise.  The cake was a little too dense.  Paid with my AUB ATM card just to see if it would work on their card terminal which was just behind me and it did!  

Back to writing.  It seems my neighbors had gone out as only the radio from the construction workers finishing the top floor of the next building could be heard.  I could live with that.  Light rain has been falling all throughout today making everything vibrantly green.  Finished writing at past 5 pm and headed to the main house at Kanip-aw.  My neighbors have returned and I need respite from their screams. The owner, Kuya Oscar, said they were leaving at 3 am already.  

Dinner was at the old standby, Sagada Brew where I had my carbonara cravings satisfied.  (The penne was overcooked again but the sauce was just fine).  The place was quite packed including my favorite spot outside so I settled in at a corner table close to the pastry counter. 

Later in the evening, my neighbors had considerably toned -down their noise.  I heard one of them remark, “Kaya napag-sasabihan kayong maingay, eh.”  To which they closed the glass doors to the common area.  Perhaps, Kuya Oscar gave notice?  

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