Writing in Sagada: Quiet Time

Just as Kuya Oscar had said, everyone had left in the morning.  The only other guests were a young couple I met at the main house as they were cooking noodles for breakfast.  They had planned to go caving but the weather was not quite so suitable for it.  Headed to Sagada Brew for some sausages and beans (Php 150) and relished being alone.

I could have stayed in this spot forever.

Struck a conversation with one of the friendly servers who upon finding out my last visit was years ago said Sagada had remarkably changed.   That it was more beautiful, referring to the booming tourist infrastructure.  I’m not quite sure if I agree with him about all the  buildings going up and all the commercialization but a few nice restos, cafes, and lodging places do indeed contribute to the place’s charm.  
Started working on my third essay which turned out to be a little more challenging than I thought as I hadn’t quite prepared for the topic compared to the two previous ones.  By noon, I had only written less than 700 words.  Decided to take a break and grab some lunch at Sagada Hub just across Sagada Lemon Pie House.  The light rain still had not let up and it was sooooo cold.  For a change from all the meat I had been having, I ordered fried milk fish (Php 150).

How else could you go wrong with it?  There’s nothing like oily fried milkfish on a rainy day!  Was tempted to order extra rice but held myself back.  Needed to watch the carbs.

Back to work until dinner time.  It’s probably the wettest day since arriving here.  More of showers really but without let-up.  Very very quiet on my part of the lodge today.  Perhaps being a Sunday, there was no construction going on and nobody else checked-in today.

Proof that it was all quiet at Sagada again was that there was only one other table occupied at Sagada Brew when I went there for a sausage and bacon dinner.  A noisy group came in for some cake just as I was finishing up.  I really can’t get why people are unable to respect the silence of a place?

Back to  my essay until past 8pm.  It was really really quiet.  The only other sound being the tapping on my laptop.  I began to get spooked with the deafening silence.  Hahaha!

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