Writing in Sagada: 3 Things

It’s my fifth day here and three things happened to day.

Thing #1.  I finally used the kitchen!

Yup!  I finally mustered the will to make breakfast. On my way to the center of town to try out the cafes there, I realized I’ve gotten tired of spending Php 100-150 eating food I could very well make myself.  It would have been different if it was mohinga and roti at Yangon or onion cakes and dimsum in Taipei.  But hotdog and omellete? Nah!  So turned back and went to a couple of stores until I had a pack of hotdogs, a pack of pandesal, and two eggs all for a grand total of Php 84!   Went to the kitchen and whipped up my breakky.

For lunch I had the delicious sinarabsab (vinegared pork) at Salt & Pepper.


Thing #2.  It’s finished!

63, 804 words, 22 pages, and 98 references later, I had finished all 4 essays for my compre exam! I probably should have celebrated with a grandiose dinner but I was too lazy to go out so the rest of the hotdogs and 2 pieces of pandesal went to the pan. Will let my papets stew for a while.  It isn’t due until the 19th so I can still do some revisions if I wanted to.

Thing #3.  I transferred rooms.

So last night I finally got the peace and quiet I so longed for after everyone had left I was the only one left in the building and in that area of the lodge “complex.”  It was spooky!  No, not ghost type of spooky but spooky because there was dead silence and the thought of me being all alone and separated from everyone else the lodge made it seem… well.. creepy. So I hardly got any sleep.  It wasn’t a problem during the day as the view across Echo Valley was really beautiful and there was daylight.  But at night . . .have you ever seen pine trees in the dark?  So anyway, I decided to move to the main house.  Unfortunately, the only available double room was one that had no window at the 2nd level.  Choosing between a good night’s sleep and a restless one, I chose the former.  It was quite unfortunate to leave my original room as it had a terrace, a view, and it was spacious.  Only three rooms are occupied at the entire lodge now.  The young couple I met yesterday and who are in the room next to mine used to be in the lower level at the building next to mine.  It was kinda creepy, they said.  I’ve only got 4 nights left under this one, so the smaller room would do.

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