Writing in Sagada: Another Day, Another Room

I really didn’t like my new room.  I suddenly missed the spaciousness and the view from my old room downstairs.  After making breakfast, I asked Kuya Oscar if I could move back in my old room to which he agreed.  I also discovered that taking the stairs from the next  building to the second level was a shorter route.  On my way down to bring my stuff back to my old room, I passed the back room at the 2nd level which had just been vacated.  It still wasn’t as nice as my old room but what did it was were the corner windows with a view and the table!  

The room is actually outside the main building which is good because it’s away from the noise of the common area.  

Kuya Oscar, being the nice guy that he is, accomodated my request to stay there instead.  He even cleaned it up and changed the beddings immediately.

Headed up the road for sisig at 7Js Diner.  Not bad for Php 120.  It came sizzling on a hot iron plate and a fresh egg on top.  Good with mountain rice on a drizzly day.

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing a few minor revisions to my essays.  After a sunny morning, light showers were falling again.  

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