Writing in Sagada: Beautiful St. Mary the Virgin Church

This Episcopalian church founded in 1910 (originally of wood; the current structure came later) is a gentle reminder of the era when American missionaries went all over the Cordilleras trying to convert locals.  Aha!  I had to let that converting-the-natives spiel.  Now, whether that eas good or bad, it’s all up the Sagada residents.  What we know is that today, the school and hospital the Episcopalians  built, aside from the church, still serves the community today.  

Oh, and many elderly i-Sagada speak perfect English.

See the date on this bell?  1921.

These American-era building just below the entrance to the church compound is now an opthalmology clinic.  

The church is small and its stonework and design perfectly fits into the surroundings.

Step inside for some quiet contemplation; that is until the chainsaw by the registration tent at the entrance of Echo Valley starts again.

The altar up close.  The rose window is reminiscent of those European Gothic churches.

Wouldn’t you want to sing Thompson’s “Alleluia” in such a choir loft?

These pews look like they’re from the American era.

The hand-carved Stations of the Cross look so charming. 

These pews look like they’re circa American period.

Beautiful windows.

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