Writing in Sagada: On the Road to Nowhere

My neighbors, the nice young couple who don’t know yet when they’re leaving Sagada, moved to the main floor this morning as someone was going to occupy their room.  They actually got a more spacious room.  The only inconvenience would being away from our “workspace,” the common area where we station our laptops.

Went for a walk towards Sumaguing Cave but didn’t actually go all the  way to the cave.  I just wanted to see some change of scenery.  

I hardly recognized the way as there were so many structures hugging the road.  I almost missed the limestone karsts at Sugong which had a few hanging coffins visible from the roadside.

There was a cemented wall being built.  I just hope it doesn’t obscure the view of the karsts.  

At the entrance to the path of the Lumiang Cave were a few stores now.

The view from the road past Lumiang was picturesque with towering pine trees on one side and tiny hamlets and rice fields on the other.

Unfortunately, Gaia Cafe was closed when I passed by.  I turned back a few hundred meters past the cafe as I was afraid I would meet a dog.  Hahaha!  

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