Writing in Sagada: The Way Home

My reservation was at 3pm but inquiring at the Coda Bus Lines office beside Sagada Guesthouse, I was told there would be a morning bus.  Gave my number to Tracy, the helpful girl manning the desk so she could text me later in the evening what time the bus would leave.  At past 9pm, she texted me that the bus back to Cubao would be departing at 7am.

The next morning, I hauled myself and my stuff uphill to downtown to eait for the bus.  The Saturday market was just getting started.  The Super De Luxe bus finally arrived a few minutes past 7:30.  Just as Tracy had said, the bus conductor came to pick me up at the bus office.  Passengers had just disembarked and this is what I saw:

People have Php 980 to buy a bus ticket to Sagada but don’t have the manners to take care of their trash.

The best part of the trip was being the one and only passenger at least until Kiangan where 4 people boarded.  I got the best views as I could transfer from either side of the bus.

A couple of people boarded at Nueva Vizcaya.  I think we were just 8 people total with only 3 of us getting off at Cubao.  Lunch stop was at Aritao where I had an overpriced menudo with rice (Php 120).

The Sagada-Banaue leg was really scenic with rice terraces all looking fresh and green.

Due to the lane closures at EDSA for the ASEAN Summit, it was horribly traffic, taking about 3 hours from the Balintawak toll gate to Timog where I just got off to take a cab and pass through the back route to my house.  I figured it would take another hour from Timog just to get to the bus station.  Fortunately, the bus had its own toilet otherwise, I would have gone crazy holding my pee.  The entire trip took 14 hours!

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