Poking in Pokhara

Arrived at Lakeside in Pokhara after a 7-hour journey from Kathmandu.  The trip was better than expected.  Took a taxi (NR 300) from the tourist bus park to the hotel located at a side street just a few minutes walk to the lake.  Got to choose a 1st floor room at Hotel Celesty Inn which is a welcome break  from my 3rd floor room at Avalon House in Kathmandu.  Nepal designates the ground floor as ground floor while 1st floor is the 1st floor up unlike in the Philippines where ground floor is 1st floor.  

 The family who owns and  runs the place were really friendly and warm.  The wife even came out front when I got off the taxi.

You know that fuzzy feeling when you arrive at a place and are so glad you decided to come?  I felt that in Pokhara.  Where else can you see glacier mountains from the street?

Went to the lake for a walk and had a really tasty pork barbecue Nepalese style for only NR 100 per skewer. 

I’ve not yet thought what to do in Pokhara.  I’m just so glad to have come here.

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