Experiencing Local Culture in Pokhara

Such good timing to be here in Pokhara during the 19th Street Festival which runs from the 28th up to the 1st of January. The main road is closed to vehicular traffic starting mid-morning until late night while shops and restaurants set-up stalls along it.  

Interesting to how the stalls are set-up in typical Nepali fashion in textiles and color combinations that are reminiscent of Nepali wear.

At about noon today, there were traditional dance performances at one of the stages that had been set up in the middle of the road.

It was also about that time after taking a couple of videos that my phone memory ran out.  Had to buy a USB so I could transfer my videos to it and clear-up some space on my phone.

In the evening, came upon these group of musicians from the Damai caste playing the panche baja, an instrumental ensemble of traditional oboes, trumpets, drums, and cymbals.  It was all very fun to watch as the Nepali people were enjoying dancing to the music, bouncing and squatting really low to the ground.

Much later in the evening were reggae and jazz performances at the stage near the complex where Himalayan Java is.  I could actually here it from my hotel room as I write this.

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