World Peace and Killer Views

Got a taxi off the street coming from breakfast at Gravity in front of the lake for NR 1,400 for the roundtrip fare to the World Peace Pagoda including waiting time.

Taxis in Nepal are really small.  The back seat is just good enough for me and may backpack.

It took about 20 minutes out of lakeside and up a narrow winding road (just big enough for the little taxi) with sharp curves to the car park near the top.

Up about a hundred or so concrete steps lined with coffee shops and stalls to the stupa and tremendous views of the majestic Annapurna and sweeping views of Fewa Lake and Pokhara.

Really nothing to do at the stupa except circle it and take-in the views.  

The views were really spectacular.  Weepingly beautiful.

Spent about an hour just feeling the place then went to one of the coffee shops for an americano and more views.

I could have sat at my spot for hours.  Got me thinking to staying the night at Nagarkot instead of just doing a day trip.

I found it really hard to leave.  Where else can you have a NR 160 (Php 80) brewed Himalayan coffee with a view of the Himalayas itself without breaking out into sweat?


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