Sunrise at Sarangkot

Was promptly fetched at 5:30 in the morning by the same taxi I used yesterday to the World Peace Pagoda  for the drive up to Sarangkot for the sunrise.  After seeing Annapurna from the pagoda yesterday, I felt I shouldn’t miss seeing it at dawn.  Even back during my mountaineering days, I’ve always been too lazy to do sunrise views especially if they involve summit assualts.  Fortunately, there’s a narrow, albeit bumpy road that leads about 3/4 to the top of Sarangkot hill then about a hundred or so steps to the topmost viewpoint.

The sunrise began at the right side of the mountains.  This is how it looked a little past 6 am.

Then it changed hues.

Close to 7am which going by Accuweather’s prediction was sunrise, the sun’s rays crept behind the mountains changing it to different colors.

This being winter, even close to 8am, the mountains were still changing color.

Clear beautiful skies.

This was the time to get all the FB profile pics.

There were nany many people at the top though not very crowded unlike the sunrise viewings I have had at Siem Reap and Bagan which were really jampacked.  Crowd was little noisy though, especially when day broke.

The views from Sarangkot were more tremendous than that from the World Peace Pagoda.  For coffee and breakfast, however, the cafes at the pagoda were better positioned.


1.  Book your transpo before.  Original price was NR 1500 but I gave an additional NR 500 as I got down to the car park by 9am already.

2.  All the changing colors start an hour before sunrise.

3.  Ignore the first 2 viewpoints.  Head to the top.  It will be worth it.

4.  Stay a bit after all the crowds have left and get beautiful mountain shots.

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