Bye Pokhara

Should have done a little research on where the Greenline bus loads passengers in Pokhara. I assumed it was at the bus park where we were dropped off on arrival.  It turns out that just like in Kathmandu it has its own  “depot” at the road fronting its office just across Bahanduri park.  Could have walked instead of hiring a taxi for NR 200.

Just like in Kathmandu, I check in and confirm my seat.  There are about 10 of us when the bus takes off a little past 7:30.   Picks up a few more passengers at its bus stops in Kurintar and Dumre. I’m the only foreigner as everyone else is Nepali.

We stop at the same stops as before and have the same buffet lunch at the same nice resort (except that it was chicken curry instead of pork with chili).

It’s less traffic returning to Kathmandu especially at the winding hilly portion just outside the city.  At this point, I could already feel the dust.  Fortunately, the driver has turned on the a/c.  I’m still in the bus as I write this.  The Greenline wifi is spotty but there’s an open connection named Sanjay I managed to connect to.  Whoever you are, Sanjay, may Buddha or Krishna bless you!

When I bought the ticket at the Kathmandu office, I was told the drop-off point would be somewhere nearby and not at the there where we departed from.

It’s 4 pm and I’m still in the bus somewhere along the ring road.  Traffic in Kathmandu is horrible coupled with the deplorable roads.   

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