Happy New Year, Kathmandu!

After close to 9 hours of travel, the bus finally drops us along a busy road at a little past 4pm.  We actually arrive at the city around 3 but traffic is so bad.   A taxi driver approaches me and quotes NR 500.  I bargain it down tok NR 400 to the hotel. Should have walked instead as it turned out to be less than a kilometer. At Google maps, it seemed like a long walk along the dusty horribly congested streets.  As always, the taxi overcharged.

Feels good to see the familiar faces of the owner and his son as I stepped into Avalon House.  Even the security guard seems happy to see me back when I see him a little later. As requested, they give me a first floor room (104).  Hooray!

I just fix some of my stuff, wash my face, and head to the ghetto that is Thamel Marg.  I drop-off 2kg of laundry at the bike and laundry shop and tell them I will be returning for ot on January 3.  “You will get your laundry next year, huh,”  the owner jokes.  Back at Mountain Trotters I book a Nagarkot-Chanu  Ngarayan hike with a drop-off at Bhaktapur for USD 60.  

Me: Changu Narayan is 3 hours walk?

Him: 3 hours but you’re a little fat so maybe 3 hours and a half.

Me: . . .

It was the same guy I previously booked my Kathmandu Valley day trip and who also said that the Nagarkot- Chanu Ngarayan hike was well-suited for my body type.

Back at Thamel House Restaurant for the non-vegetarian set.  Good filling food and excellent service as always.

Nothing seems out of the extra-ordinary for NYE in Thamel except for some food stalls outside advertising New Year specialties.  


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