Good Morning, Bhaktapur

I wake-up past 5:30 in the morning to the sound of bells clanging.  I’m certainly going to miss this when I return to Kathmandu much more when I get back home to Manila. Bhaktapur is a lovely town to spend a few days in.  If only I did not have to tick-off some items in my shopping list, I would just have stayed here.  On the other hand, the craziness of Thamel will help transition me to the craziness of Bangkok before flying back home. 

It’s about 2 degrees and freezing.  I think I’m turning into a bowl of ice-cream.  Nevertheless, I take a stroll to Tamaudhi Toll for better pictures of the Nyatapola and Bhaighamari temples. The square is busy with vegetable vendors and people on their daily religious rituals.

I muster the courage to drop by one of two stalls  on a side street for an egg roll and two ring-shaped fried bread which I point out.  Cheap at NR 40 and comes wrapped in a newspaper.  Hahaha!

Down the road to Dattatreya Square.  The shops haven’t opened yet but the road is alive with a few vendors setting up their wares, army recruits jogging, and people heading to wherever their feet takes them this morning.  Dattatreya is busier as the two  temples are teeming with worshippers.  The bells are busy clanging.

The goats are their usual selves basking under the cold sunshine. This ram, on the other hand, is busy eating some grains thrown by worshippers.

Vendors spread out goods for offerings in the temples sometimes chasing away one of the goats who are attracted to the flowers.


I revisit some of the sites that fascinated me yesterday such as the peacock window.  With no pedestrians or pesky touts from the wood carving and thanka shops, I get a better view and picture of the window.  I also discover other windows with smaller peacocks.  

I head to Highland Beans Coffee and Travellers Cafe for some omelette, grilled cherry tomatoes, sliced fruits, toast, and cup of black tea; what the menu calls a “simple breakfast” and watch Bhaktapur go by.

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