A Little Morning Shopping in Kathmandu

Should have gone to Patan today but decided to just stay put in Kathmandu for my last two days here.  Gotta slow down a bit to get some rest as my vacation ends.  Slept quite well as my acidity didn’t keep me awake.  Must be the lassi.

While walking at Thamel, became envious at a Caucasian guy eating a sandwhich so I dropped by Sandwhich Point for a small bacon sandwhich (NR 150z). 

 Hefty fillings and warm bread made for a really enjoyable sandwhich.  

The bread was being delivered at the time I was there so I know that the breads are fresh or at least no more than a day old.

I headed to the chowk where Annapurna Temple is and somehow I took the wrong turn from the street where the Chinese hotel and the local gym was.  I still ended-up at the temple but via a more circuitious way that brought me to narrow streets littered with trash and through Asan Tole where local market is which was quite fortuitous as I was able to buy some packaged local snacks to bring back home. They were really cheap at just NR 120-130 per medium pack. Bought a pack of dahl too which hopefully I can cook properly back home.

Down the street on the right side of the temple to get some bronze plates and the bell my sister was asking for.  I was surprised that the plates were being sold by weight!  Bough three medium-sized light ones at NR 800 each.  The copper ones are a hundred cheaper but the brass ones are definitely more beautiful.  Would have brought brass drinking glasses too (NR 600) if I had much more money to spend on this stuff.

I like this street as it has nice local shops aside from the beautiful temes tucked between them.  The shop keepers aren’t pushy too.

Ended up at the Hanuman Dokha Durbar Square again, flashed my pass (so handy!) to the smiling ticket clerk and guard and headed straight for the toilet.

Returned to Thamel via the street on the other side of the square where there are many music shops.

Got some cool leather sandals (NR 1000) at this shoe and sandal shop where all the goods are from India or Pakistan.  Would have bought some more but they don’t.  Ladies would go crazy with the unique shoes and sandals here.  

What’s shopping without a good lunch to punctuate it?  Back to my favorite pit stop, Gilingche for crunchy vegetarian fried rice (best fried rice I’ve had in Nepal) and chili momo which was so hot, I ordered a lassi to soothe my mouth.

Back at the hotel to see how to pack in all the stuff considering I have not bought the drums yet.

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