Back in Bangkok

Touchdown Bangkok for a 2 night “recovery” stay (hahaha!) before flying back home on Monday.  As the Thai Airways flight touched down at Suvarnabhumi, an elderly Japanese guy at the center column of seats looks across the plane windows and ask the guy seated across him, “This Bangkok?”  The guy answers in the affirmative.  If he had asked me, I probably would have said, “Bangkok?  No!  This Kathmandu.  Plane landed in Bangkok already.  You did not get off?  Plane now return to Kathmandu!”  Hahaha!  Some cheapskate stole the Eau de Toilete at the toilet.  It was there when I used the toilet twice.  It was gone when I returned a third time.

Deposited my luggage at the left luggage counter then took the Airlink to Rachadaprop station for the minute walk to GX Luxury Hostel.  I really like this place.  It’s clean, has very comfortable beds and pillows and the charcoal body wash is tops.  Unfortunately, it’s cramped so it’s good only for a few nights stay.

Had dinner at 

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