Guide to Visa on Arrival at Tribhuvan Airport

Visa on arrival is available for most nationalities, Filipinos included!  Hooray!  Unfortunately, Tribhuvan Airport is not quite up to the challenge of meeting its tourist arrivals.  The place is small and the lines long and slow.  Here’s a guide on the entire arrival experience including getting a visa on arrival at this airport.

1.  At most 15 days before your flight, fill-up an online appication form at  Be sure you have the following with you:

  • A soft copy of your passport picture as you need to upload it.
  • The complete address of your hotel including the district and the ward no.  Email your hotel to get this info.  

Print out the form and bring it with you.

2.  During the flight, visa application forms and disembarkation cards will be handed out.  You just need the disembarkation card.  You have your printed online visa application form, right?

3.  Upon disembarking, fall in line at the cashier.  That will be the long wooden counter on the left.  Pay for your visa.  According to the signage, other currencies apart from USD and Euro are accepted.  I paid for mine with USD.

4.  Get your receipts then head to the single wooden counters on the right of the cashier.  Be sure to line-up at the counter that indicates the number of days of your visa.  So if you have a 15-day visa, then line-up at the counter with a sign that says “15 days visa.”

The officer at the counter will get your receipt, printed out visa application form, and ask you how many days you will be staying.  He will then put the visa sticker on your passport and stamp it.

5.  Exit and get your luggage that has been circling the carousel waiting for you.

6.  Exit arrivals and either get a taxi from one of the touts or from the official taxi booth.  I booked my ride with the hotel.

Enjoy Nepal!

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