Bangkok Day

So I did what a hundreds of other tourists do on a Sunday, head to Chatuchak Market.  

Went early at around 9 with the goal of eating my favorite Thai street food, particularly (barbecued pork) and Thai sausage.  Found the area where all the food stalls are and found my pork barbecue.  Soft and tender, it’s still the stuff of my dreams whenever I head to Thailand.  Had a plate of pad thai so I could get a seat at one of the tables lorded over by ladyboys.

Took a stroll at the perimeters of the market and got a couple of stuff I needed such as coconut water scoop and a small wooden massager.  Passed a stall of grilled sausages and got a stick.  The sausages are the next best thing to the pork barbecue.  

After all the hype, I finally got to try the “original” coconut ice-cream, the one with the crowds and the green umbrellas and….sadly, it didn’t taste like coconut ice-cream.  It was bland.  Perhaps I should have bought the one served on a half coconut shell with coconut meat and two toppings.  I purposely chose the B40 version (2 scoops in a cup) so I could really taste the ice-cream.  Disappointed.

I knew I have had enough of Chatuchak when I sat down for a crispy pork rice at one of the eateries by the road out to the BTS that was utterly bad.  The rice was cold and the pork looked more like bits.  It’s the kind of horrible meal that makes you want to go to the kitchen and scold the cook.  

So I finally left the market and headed to Siam for some air-con.  First stop was Afters at Siam Center Mall.  I was in luck this time as there weren’t too many people and I got a table right away.  The Shibuya Honey Toast came with two scoops of ice-cream and a generous amount of cream.  It was heavenly! If I had another day in Bangkok, I would have returned for the Sticky Toffee Toast.  This cafe gets plus points for the refillable unsweetened iced tea!

Checked out the food court at Siam Paragon and was once again tempted wirh the barbecue and sausages.  I love this food court as it has all stuff of street food.  Was thinking of taking some back to the hotel for dinner but then I remembered the street food at Sala Daeng.  Back to the hotel then to put up my feet and forget about the barbecue and sausages.
Went  out in the late afternoon to verify the hotel ‘s claim that it was just a few minutes walk to the Pratunam market.  They were right!  I ended-up checking out Platinum Mall and walking all the way to the Chitlom station where I caught the train to Sala Daeng.  

The soi around Sala Daeng were my former haunts back in those days when Bangkok was THE destination for me.  I had fond memories of Th Convent where some of Bangkok’s street food were.  Unfortunately, the stewed pork leg stall run by two sisters was no longer there. 

 I finally got my crispy pork rice plus some shrimp spring rolls with the sweet syrupy sauce it comes with. It was only 8pm or maybe being a Sunday, the area was a little lethargic. 

Bye Bangkok!  It was good seeing you again after a year.

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