How Do You Mime a Fever in Baku?

Went looking for a pharmacy across the Icherisheher Metro to buy some cough medicines and found it. Madame P has been coughing intermittently and she seems to be coming down with a cold. She blames the 40 degree heat last Sunday.

I had asked the young guy at the hotel reception to write “medicine for cough” in Azeri on a slip of paper and showed it the lady at the counter. She brought me a bottle of cough medicine. Ah. I should have asked him to write “flu.” She brought a box of lemon-flavored lozenges. That I could use. Next came herbal tea sachets. “Good,” she said. I figured it was much better than the coffee Ma’m P had been drinking to induce a sweat. But I needed some tablets. “Ibuprofen?” She understood that and brought a stack of tablets. “Bioflu?” No success. How do you mime a fever? I wrapped my arms around me to indicate a chill but we both just ended-up giggling. Fortunately, the lady was very patient. My eyes desperately scanned the shelf where she had gotten the ibuprofen. “Coldrex,” a box said. Success! Paid for my purchases and went back to the hotel.

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