Baku City Bus Tour

Heading back to the Hilton from the mall, Madame P and I saw the red Baku City Bus Tour parked near the pedestrian subway entrance. Curious, we asked the driver how much it would cost. “20 manat,” came the reply. We looked at each other and decided to skip the early afternoon sessions of the conference and just take the tour. We paid the fare and were given earphones. Went up to the upper deck plugged-in the earphones and joined four other tourists for the joyride around Baku.

The tour took in the major sights such as the Heydar Aliyez Cultural Center, the Maiden Tower, the Flame Towers, Crystal Palace, and the National Flag Square. To get off at the designated stops, you had to push the red stop button by the stairwell. We decided to just stay put at the bus. All throughout, the recorded narration pointed out interesting buildings.


If you want to take a quick tour of the city, it comes recommended considering you pay around 5 manats for a cab to get from one point to another. The entire route lasted for an hour and ended right where it started.

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