Last Day in Istanbul

Last day in Istanbul and I heard mass at beautiful St. Anthony church built in 1912 by the Franciscans. The servers and the congregation are largely African and music is by an African choir. Wonderful to hear robust African songs as liturgical music.

Had lunch at our favorite eatery and as always, enjoyed it. For dessert, I had a slice of this cake which I guess was “tres leches.”

It was very good as it had just the right amount of soaking. What made it different from the usual “tres leches” is the burnt caramel top which added a counterpoint to the milk taste of the sponge cake.

Madame P and I went on our ways. She to shop and me to just take the tram and see the city a bit. I had forgotten that the Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays so when I got there, I just decided to walk down the road in the direction of Sultanahmet where I can pick-up the tram again.

Discovered other sights such as the tombs of past sultans which I had missed earlier.

Took the tram and disembarked at Karakoy to walk to Galata Tower. However, I stumbled on the Tunel funicular (I had forgotten about it!) which saved me an uphill slog. I had loaded 5 lira on my Istanbulkart so might as well take all the rides I could with it.

Up at Tunel and turned right downhill too look for the shop selling Turkish water bowls for 25 lira which was lower than the 30-40 lira at shops I had passed on my walk to Sultanahmet earlier. Bought a copper one and was given a free tea spoon, probably to make-up for the 5 lira discount the shop owner didn’t give.

That somehow ends any my Istanbul trip as I’ve nothing more planned until we leave for the airport at 9pm.

Bye, Istanbul. I hope to see you again.

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