Visa Guide to Azerbaijan for Filipinos

There was very scant information on the internet on how to get a visa for Azerbaijan. The honorary consulate in the Philippines has no authority to grant visas which means you have to get it elsewhere.

One blogger used a visa service while another sent hers to the embassy in KL.

Since the nearest consulate is in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to apply there. I looked up their website ( and sent an email to the address in the contact page. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a quick reply from one of the consuls, Mr. Eldaniz Musayev. who not only gave me the instructions on visa application but gave his Whatsapp number too.

This is how my co-faculty and I applied for the visa as we were attending a conference in Baku:

1. We made photocopies of the ff. documents:

Information page of passport

Hotel booking

Flight reservation

Letter of invitation from the conference organizer

Employment certificate

Downloaded and signed visa application

2. I sent the above documents, 2 pcs of passport-size photos, and our passports to the Azerbaijan Embassy in KL via DHL. It was addressed to Consul Eldaniv Musayev. I inserted RM 400 (RM 200 for each of us) inside my passport.

After leaving the DHL office, I sent a Whatsapp message to Mr. Eldaniv to inform him that the documents were on its way.

3. Our passports with the sticker visas were ready in 5 working days!

Unfortunately, I forgot to send an additional RM 25 with my documents so our passports could be couriered back to my address. Mr. Eldaniz sent me a Whatsapp message and I made arrangements for my co-faculty’s friend to just get the passports from him as she was heading back to Manila in a couple of days.

The entire process was very easy. Mr. Eldaniv was very responsive to my emails and Whatsapp messages. He updated me when he received our documents and when our passports were ready.

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