A Walk on the Campuhan Side

Just like the Kajeng Rice Terraces walk, the Campuhan Ridge Walk is near, easy, and satisfying. The day dawned with blue skies today so I headed out a little past 8 in the morning following Jl Raya Ubud until Ibah Villas. Followed the small faded sign by the driveway that pointed to the downward path to the hills. You can’t miss it. Besides, in case you do miss it, there’s a barrier to the entrance of the villa telling you that you aren’t supposed to be heading that way. At the bottom of the path were steps (again, another sign) that led to the side of a temple. It’s a pretty path as you have the moss-covered temple walls on one side and the ravine on the other. With the gurgling river below you, it’s easy to forget that the busy road is just a few meters behind you.

Followed the sign again and emerged on to the paved path on the ridge. Yehey!

The sun was out and I had forgotten to buy some water but I figured it wouldn’t be too tiring. In any case, there was Karsa Cafe at the village a bit midway into the walk (the entire walk goes for about 10k). Many others were out for a walk but not too many as to be crowded. Yes, you can still take your Instagram pics without too much angling to cut the people out and make it appear to your social media friends that you have the ridge all to your self. The gently rolling path cut through nice views of the hills and was so peaceful.

It was green and more green everywhere.

On one side of the ridge, you could see some villas perched on the hills.

Perhaps, when I have more money, I’d stay there for the views and the peace and quiet.

I finally hit the small village which was home to some villas, painting shops, and cafes. Ordered a cup of Balinese coffee at Karsa Cafe and took a seat overlooking the lily pond.

Again, if I had more money, I would have gotten a massage at the nice spa with interesting treatments— Reike, anyone?

The walk back was, of course, faster as there were many gentle downward slopes which was easier with a little downhill run. Came across many people still starting the walk. Finally back on the road and to the buzz of central Ubud.

So, now I’m having nasi goreng and kolombok (fried pork in a sweetish sauce) at Warung River View, a nice eatery set back at Jl Raya Ubud with outdoor seating overlooking the small river behind the road.

Peaceful morning.

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