My Favorite Rice Field Walk

Today’s my last day in Ubud and I decided to spend my morning on the rice field walk that passed through Cafe Pomegranate, famous for its rice field location. It was quite cloudy which made for a good time to be outdoors.

The path was easy to find and follow as I just looked it up at Google maps. From Jl Raya Ubud, I turned right at Jl Campuhan which was the uphill paved path after Pur Dalem. It was actually just before Ibah Villas, the marker for the path to Campuhan Ridge. As it turned out, the rice fields on this walk was just on the other side of the ridge. Seated later at Cafe Pomegranate, I could see people walking on the ridge.

Heading up the steep path. I came to Angsa Bungalow on the right, thus I knew I was correct. I followed the pavement which turned left and then split. The wider path led to the field and for a second I thought of following it; but I remembered a blog that made mention of a narrow path separated by a concrete wall. There were also numerous signs to homestays that pointed to it. I followed this winding path past some homestays and it eventually opened to the rice fields.

Unlike the Campuhan Ridge Walk, this one took me closer to the fields as the path actually ran through it. The fields were also prettier than the ones at the Kajeng Walk.

There were quite a number of cute cafes settled among the fields. Cafe Pomegranate wasn’t open yet so I headed further up the path to Warung Boga Sari, the cafe run by Sari Organic. Ordered a Balinese coffee (Rp 15) and Balinese crepe (Rp 35) and settled at a corner table. Relaxing.

I could have stayed there forever just reading the book I brought along with me but decided to head back to Cafe Pomegranate and snagged one of the precious tables in front facing the fields.

Had the guacamole with pita bread. It had a hint of coconut cream which kicked- up the flavour. But what really amped up the experience is the setting. You’re really sitting right next to the rice field amidst the ducks and the cool breeze.

I must have spent 3 hours there just alternating between quick napping, reading, and watching the ducks. I also ordered a margherita pizza which was flavorful and had a nice thin crust. It was big too. I could really have stayed at my spot forever. It was another “I should have done this earlier” moment. Oh well. When I return to Ubud, I’d love to stay in one of the accomodations there. Really peaceful.

Of the three walks I did– Kajeng, Campuhan, and this one— rhis was my favorite as the path was really pretty. The path gets narrower until it becomes a single lane. I wonder what lies ahead?

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