Sweet Lisbon

There’s more than pasteis de nata for a sweet snack or dessert in Lisbon. There are confeiterias everywhere with glass display cases brimming with sweetness overload.

At the Time Out Market are a number of dessert shops including Manteigra (which is a class of its own with its heavenly pasteis de nata) but my favorite was Nos e Mais Bos with its delicious cakes.

With so many cakes on array, choosing what to get without breaking my blood sugar limit was a challenge.

The slices were big and each bite made me swoon. It was worth going to the market just for this.

Another favorite sweets shop was Alcoa which we stumbled into while strolling at busy Rue de Garett after buying some books at Libreria Bertrand. We couldn’t resist the pastries on display at the large window so we stepped inside. Most of Alcoa’s pastries are egg yolk based which makes for a very rich taste and sumptuous texture. Think of smooth yema. Many have won numerous awards and rightly so.

They have a very clean, smooth, and elegant taste. Sweet but not sugary.

There are no tables and chairs, just a counter lining one side of the confeitaria’s walls.

The coffee is good and strong and the staff friendly which makes for a sweet stop after all that shopping.

I have a very sweet tooth and dessert comes at all hours of the day. Lisbon was such a pleasant surprise to me as all I ever expected was pasteis de nata but I got so much more.

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