Hi Shanghai!

So it seems it’s Re-visit China Year this year. After my Macau trip last July with a sidetrip to Hong Kong, it’s Shanghai this time. My first and only trip here was way back in 2010 when 3 of my sisters and I went to experience the World Expo. I really enjoyed that one especially since I arrived ahead of everyone else and went to Suzhou and Hanjou for a few days.I’m all alone this time and it was a conference on sound archiving at the venerable Shanghai Conservatory of Music that brought me here. Oh yes, they also paid for my airfare and the hotel during the course of the conference. Like all conferences, I arrived for a few days ahead for a little wandering around.I haven’t had much of a sleep since my China Eastern flight was at 4:55 this morning (pleasant flight by the way) and after finally making it to my hotel, it was almost 12 noon and I was hankering for some dimsum. I just dropped off my luggage and went to the Shanghai Food Hall along the Nanjing Pedestrian Street which I passed by going to the hotel. Got 4 pcs of pan-fried dumplings at Yang’s Dumplings at the 3rd floor foodcourt and wished I had gotten 8. It was soooo good!Still hungry, I went to what looked like a promising noodle restaurant on the same floor and ordered a noodle soup with spicy pork and a fried pork rib. It was cheap and very satisfying.Headed to the Shanghai Museum for some Chinese art and jostled my way with the tour groups to see some ancient ceramics and bronzes. I was expecting to see some rain drums among the bronze artefacts on display but there were none, unfortunately. At the top floor was the Chinese National Minorities Gallery that had impressive displays of traditional clothing and acessories. The museum wasn’t very big but at least it was for free.Spent the rest of the afternoon looking for a jacket at H&M at the pedestrian street then had dinner at Shen Da Cheng where I had a huge bowl of noodle soup with pork and pickled vegetables.

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