Have Line, Will Eat: Enjoying Shanghai’s Treats

Who doesn’t like Chinese food? For most, it’s probably the first foreign cuisine one gets to try the very first time thanks to centuries of migration and the hundreds of Chinatowns all over the world. China is a culinary destination in itself. Set aside the stranger parts of the cuisine (but what culinary culture doesn’t have a strange side?) and you’re in for a truly tasty treat. On this second trip to Shanghai, I made it a point to revisit some of my favorites plus discover new ones. Top of mind was Yang’s Dumplings. The popular dumpling shop is now all over the city with stalls even at malls. The steamed dumplings are still meaty and juicy and the bottom perfectly toasted. I could have it everyday. Their 6 piece sampler pack which included the fish and the crab versions let’s you try the different fillings. The latter is especially flavorful.Like Yang’s, Nanxiang Steamed Bun has also expanded outside crowded Yu Yuan Gardens. At the 3rd floor of Shanghai First Food Hall, there’s no need to line-up. I ate twice and both times, I had the pork dumplings and noodles with dried shrimps. Perfect combo!Tip: Shanghai First Food Hall at the Nanjing Pedestrian Street has both Yang’s and Nanxiang on the same floor. Yang’s is at the food court while Nanxiang has its own place.

Tried this large crab dumpling at Lu Bo Lang at Yuyuan. They have a stall outside the resto so no need to dine inside. Unlike xiaolongbao, this one is all soup which you drink with a straw. Fresh off the bamboo steamer, the broth was scalding.Shin De Chao is a popular resto at the corner of my hotel at the Nanjing Pedestrian Street. The noodle soup with pork and pickled vegetables was filling but not worth its price.Much better was the noodles with spicy pork at the Shanghai Noodle House also at the 3rd floor of the Shanghai First Food Hall. The serving was huge and the broth flavorful. One of my discoveries in this trip was the food court at the mall by the Qibao Metro. There was a huge food court with a stall that had a long queue of people getting viands placed on bamboo steamers. The servings were huge and judging by the lines, probably affordable and good too.Just a few meters away was a restaurant where I had a combo rice topping of Hainanese chicken, barbecued pork, and suckling pig which were all very good, albeit quite expensive at 50 yuan. The crispiness of the suckling pig was so worth it, though.Another food court discovery is at the mall by the South Shaanxi Metro. The pork belly in a flaky pastry-like bun was delicious! Lines are everywhere where there is good food. This traditional sweets shop at the Nanjing Pedestrain Street near the corner of Chunshenjiang Hotel always has a crowd.

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