Loving IconSiam

The only time I ever go to a mall is when I’m in another country as it gives me a sense of people’s tastes, needs, and desires. The same reason I like checking-out convenience stores (hello 7-11s of the world!). Bangkok truly does super malls well. From Siam to Sukhumvit, these huge commercial centres offer a glimpse of Thai consumerist lifestyle with a little culture thrown in. Having frequented Siam Paragon and Pier21 for the past few years, I was excited to visit IconSiam. Since, I was staying at Banglamphu, the mall was just a boat ride away.My primary reason in going to IconSiam was to check-out the area called Sook Siam which promised everything Thai you could hope for from food to crafts. It did not disappoint.The area is vast and crammed with every imagineable Thai treat you read about in travel books and blogs. The street-food set-up meant you could graze from stall to stall. Being a holiday, the place was understandably crammed. Fortunately, I snagged a spot in one of the wooden benches scattered around so I can have my crispy pork (150 baht) in peace. One section was laid out like a floating market with vendors in traditional hats.I could have spent the entire day just trying everything. You could eat here everyday and get to try all the Thai street food to your tummy’s content. The prices are surprisingly low, just a few baht higher than stalls out on the streets.Some of Thailand’s best restaurants also have spots here for some sit-down meals.Getting ThereThere are free shuttle boats from the following piers: Ratchawongse, Si Phraya, and Saphan Taksin. The latter has the most number of people waiting to get on the boat as it is a BTS station. When I went mid-morning, there was a long line. Boats, however, are frequent. I only waited about 15 mins. If taking the shuttle at Si Phraya, do take note that the boat docks at the pier about a few meters away from the one used by the Chaophraya Express boats.Getting AwayJust line-up to go back to any of the 3 piers mentioned above. The Chaophraya Express boat (Golden Flag) and the Chaophraya Tourist boat also docks here. You can get a ticket at the booth near the dock.

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