The Museum of Siam is unlike any other museum in Bangkok. It manages to hold its own alongside tourist greats such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

1. It’s unique!

How many museums in the world are devoted solely to the people’s identity? The Museum of Siam is all about “Thai-ness” and as the galleries show, it’s a lively discussion that everyone, even non-Thai can engage in.

2. The galleries are awesomely cool!

Nothing boring or old-fashioned here. Everything is presented in a hip and modern way and it’s not just scanning QR codes on your mobile phones. Wanna learn about Thai cuisine? Put one of the displayed plates on a scanner on the table and you get to see the ingredients being virtually loaded.

Everything here is interactive.

3. Everything you’ve wondered about is all here!

Want to know why boat noodles are called such and why they are always served in small bowls?

Just flip these plates and see the answers.

How about those small figures in Thai shrines?

There’s an entire gallery on Thai beliefs explained briefly.

These boxes contain artefacts used in certain practices. Feel free to get these, put them on the table, and explore.

4. Play pretend!

Take a seat in one of these wooden desks and pretend you’re a Thai student in a classroom.

You can also dress-up in some Thai clothes and have a photo taken.

5. The gift shop is awesome!

I enjoy museum gift shops as they often have made-for-them items. The Museum Siam’s is of no exception. There are many cute items and they’re not that expensive. Check-out the microfiber cleaning cloths and the hip t-shirts.

Getting There

The BTR Sanam Chan station is on the museum lawns. If staying riverside, get off at Tha Chang or Tha Tien (from Wat Arun) and walk.

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