About Me

Nothing is truly permanent in my life.
Growing-up, I took piano lessons and finished a degree in Piano and Musicology hoping to be both a musician and a researcher.  In graduate school, I took up Anthropology, another one of my interests.  Because I thought I could change the world by teaching people to look at life through the lens of the humanities, I taught Art Appreciation, Literature, and English in a couple of universities.  The world hasn’t changed for the better it seems. But teaching all these students changed me.
Somehow, from the academe I ended up shifting to the fitness industry.  I still miss the books, the papers, and even the white board.  Someday, I know I will be back either at the classroom or at the field.
So it is with my physical space.  There is so much in the world to experience to just stay put in one place.  My passions dictate my travel.  That means a lot of local cuisine, all kinds of art forms, outdoor adventures, and the local life and culture.
Life is meant to be lived.  In my case, I prefer to live it with a backpack.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Liz

    Hi 🙂
    very interesting website. I live in Manila and would love to do a dayhike this weekend -> anything you could recommend?
    Furthermore I would love to do some mountainbiking over here. Are there any places? thanks a lot


  2. Maan Briones

    This is nice. It’s so real and so you! Maan

  3. well said.

    very nice blog. 🙂

    more power!

  4. Very interesting and my initial impression of this site was that it doesn’t have the usual travel cliche driven stories.
    Please don’t stop writing your stories.

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