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Finding something to do in the City of Golden Friendship

Saturday night and I’m in an internet cafe at downtown Cagayan de Oro.  I’ve been up since 2 am to catch the 4:40 flight to this city.  We arrived with just enough time for some yummy breakfast buffet at the VIP hotel with the others then off to Sports Zone for the full-day workshop.  The striptease class was a blast!  I had so much fun teaching the class.

Shirely and Mayet are spending the night in  Bukidnon at Shirley’s high-school friend’s house in the middle of a pineapple plantation.  It was a really tiring day so  Ed Bam, and me opted to just stay put right where we are.   After a hectic day, I just wanna have the time for myself.  It’s my first time in CDO and a side-trip to Bukidnon would have been a shoot=two-bried with one stone thing but I’m really not in vacation mode.  Not even pictures and stories of white water rafting got me excited enough to push everyone to go.  Buying boxes of tasty pastel is really all that I have in my agenda.  Mich went home after her presentation so I have the room all to myself.

I headed to Divisoria for dinner. The plaza was alive and kicking with people milling about the night market and chowing down some eats at the numerous food stalls.  It would have looked out of place eating alone amidst all that barkada  fun  I just bought some food and ate them in my hotel room.  As always when at new place and eating local food, I over-ordered.  I had 1/4 lechon, an order of chicharon, an order of tuna kinilaw, 4 puso (I just love this quaint pockets of heart-shaped rice) and an assortment of pastry bars from a local bakery. That’s enough cholesterol for the week.

Food is quite cheap here.  Lunch, for example, was a simple but delicious buffet spread of what so-called gourmets would term as “fusion” food (think of rolled slices of eggplant stuffed with pesto) for only Php 195 at a resto near Limketkai. There weren’t much choices but it was all very delicious.

It’s only 9.30 and I’m still up and kicking.  Utopia-Asia lists Navigator as a strip bar to visit.  But it’s not my trip.  Where do I exactly find the pink squad? After taking a walk in Divisoria to burn-off all those calories from dinner, on the way back to the hotel, one guy followed me around.  A block away from the hotel he asks me if he could join me.  That of course is a sure invite for paid services.  I told him I had no money.

Cagayan de Oro brands itself as the “City of Golden Friendship”. Maybe he was just being friendly.  Hahahahha.

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